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What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body. It’s non-invasive, effective and very safe. The scan is used to capture highly detailed images of any changes to the look, size or outline of your soft tissues. It is a painless examination with no known side-effects.

What preparation is required for an Ultrasound?

You may be asked to prepare for your scan by either fasting or attending with a full bladder (or both depending on the examination) and to wear loose fitting clothing. This information will be provided in your appointment letter/text.

If you are having an internal scan and are allergic to latex it is important to let our ultrasound team know. In this case a latex-free probe cover will be used.

What happens during an Ultrasound?

When you arrive for your appointment you will be given a full briefing on what will happen during your appointment.

For most external scans, you will lie on a medical couch and the Sonographer/Radiologist will apply a water based gel on the area to be scanned. They will then pass a small handheld probe over the part of the body being examined.

If you require an internal scan we have chaperones available and you are also free to bring someone with you if you wish.

What happens after the Ultrasound?

The images are assessed by the Sonographer/Radiographer who performed your scan who produce a report and send this through to your Doctor. The report will include any recommendations for follow-up examinations (if necessary). The process typically takes 24-48 hours.

You are able to resume all normal activity immediately after the scan.

There is a waiting list for an NHS Ultrasound scan, can I make a private appointment?

Yes, you can book a private appointment at a number of our clinics. Please contact 0161 929 5679 option 5 or email altrincham@dhc.uk.com