We Deliver Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnostic Healthcare work in partnership with Dr Hamaad to offer an extensive range of tests and treatments for heart conditions. We work to give you an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Our services include tests for:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Breathlessness
  • Palpitations
  • Dizzy spells and chest pain.

Located at the Varsity clinic in Birmingham, our partnership practice is run by a team committed to providing a caring and efficient service.

h3>What is an ECG?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is used to measure your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. It is a simple test conducted in the clinic.

Different Types of ECG

Exercise ECG

An exercise ECG, also called a stress test, involves walking on a treadmill with an ECG monitor attached to your heart. The treadmill gets progressively steeper and faster and helps to determine if there is any strain on the heart due to narrowing of the heart arteries.

Cardiac MRI Scan

This specialised scan uses a magnetic resonance scanner. It provides greater detail about the function of the heart and the valves as well as information on the degree of any scarring in the heart.


An echocardiogram is a heart ultrasound test used to visualise the heart muscle and heart valves. It involves using a probe and some gel on the chest wall to view the heart. The test helps determine the heart’s efficiency and the performance of the heart valves. It can also be used to diagnose or monitor other conditions such as high blood pressure or heart murmurs.

Additional Services

Ambulatory (Portable) ECG monitor

A portable ECG is a device you can take home and wear for up to 7 days. It allows for continuous monitoring of the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. You will also be given a diary to record the times of your symptoms.

The ECG monitor is a small device with an activator button to press when symptoms occur. The monitor’s results can then be analysed with the times in the diary to see if the symptoms (such as chest pains or palpitations) match any changes in the ECG pattern.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a portable blood pressure monitor to take home and wear for 24 hours. The blood pressure cuff sits around your arm and will inflate every 30 minutes throughout your day. This provides a more accurate measure of your blood pressure compared to a one-off recording measured at your doctor’s surgery.

Cardiac CT Angiogram

This test is a CT scan of the heart with a particular focus on the arteries. It is used to provide a calcium score, which helps indicate the severity of any hardening and narrowing of the heart arteries. It is a non-invasive test usually performed on patients where there is a low degree of suspicion of heart disease.